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Edmonton Arts Council 

Prince of Wales Armouries, 2nd Floor (#222)           
10440 108 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5H 3Z9
Phone: 780-424-2787
Fax: 780-425-7620
Email: info@edmontonarts.ca
Hours: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Due to the LRT tracks on 108 Avenue, vehicles can only access the parking lot from 106 Street. For a detailed map of the access points, please click here.

The front doors of the Prince of Wales Armouries building are locked at all times. Please buzz in to enter using the doorbell on the left side of the main entrance and let the building administrator know that you are here to visit the Edmonton Arts Council. 


Contact Staff

Sanjay Shahani
(fluent in Hindi)

Executive Director, 780-508-8300
Sally KimAssociate Executive Director, 780-508-8310

Kendra Litwin

Administrative Coordinator, 780-424-2787 ext 221
Melanie HaynesManager, Human Resources, 780-508-8311
Shirley CombdenAssociate Executive Director, 780-508-8330
Bobbie Todd

Finance Assistant, 780-508-8331

Andrew Chen
Manager of Research, Measurement Analytics and Learning, 780-508-8325
Abby Burbank
Research Analyst, 780-508-8303 
Stephen Williams
(fluent in French)
Director, Policy, Planning and Performance, 780-508-8304
Erin McDonald
Director, Investments, Services and Partnerships, 780-508-8320 
Anastasia Maywood
Program Advisor, Arts Development and Investment, 780-508-8323
Misha Nelson
Program Advisor, Arts Development and Investment, 780-508-8321
David Cheoros
Strategic Investments & Community Relations Specialist, 780-508-8322
Jenna Turner
Communications Director, 780-508-8305
Jamie ChapelskyCommunications Officer, 780-508-8307
Jessica Telford
Content Lead, 780-508-8306
Kyra Brown Indigenous Relations Advisor, 780-508-8312
Bob RaskoCommunity Programming Specialist, 780-508-8333
David TurnbullDirector of Public Art, 780-508-8315
Jenika Sobolewska
Public Art Collections Officer, 780-508-8301
Robert Harpin
Public Art Officer, 780-508-8316 
Public Art OfficerPublic Art Officer, 780-508-8317
Victoria Modine
Customer Service Lead, TIX on the Square, 780-508-0027
Daniel Ross
Business Manager, TIX on the Square, 780-420-6510
















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Edmonton Arts Council • Prince of Wales Armoury, 2nd Floor, 10440 108 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 3Z9 • info@edmontonarts.ca • p. 780.424.2787 | f. 780.425.7620