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Workshop - What the Fund? CERB, CESB and the Individual Artist

Whether you are receiving a benefit, are still thinking about applying, aren't sure if you need to repay anything, aren't sure how the benefits interact with grants and fees, or are wondering how this is going to affect you come tax time, we're here for you. The rules around these benefits have been constantly evolving. Come hear how things currently stand for artists. Accountant Janis Richards and an advisor from ATB Financial guide you in the right direction. Presented by the Edmonton Arts Council and Theatre Alberta.

Date: July 13, 2020

Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

This free workshop is open to everyone.

Registration is not required, but to receive meeting login information, please email David Cheoros (EAC Strategic Investments & Community Relations Specialist) dcheoros@edmontonarts.ca.


Statement of Solidarity to the Arts Community  - posted June 3, 2020

Discrimination and racism have no place in our hearts, our homes and our world. The pain, devastation and hatred they cause must be addressed and eliminated. Now more than ever, we must work individually and together as a united collective to build a safe, kind and inclusive society where discrimination and racism are not tolerated. We must recognize and celebrate our unique values and the contributions made by people from Black, Indigenous and marginalized communities.

The arts foster hope, empathy and are the catalyst for social justice bringing communities together. They educate and create meaningful change. They enlighten and inspire us. The arts bring joy and unity to our lives through a shared, respected and responsible humanity.

The Edmonton Arts Council will continue to work with you to build a vibrant, diverse and inclusive arts community.

We have created a Google Doc that has links to artists and organizations in our community you can support and follow. We acknowledge that our community is much larger than what we currently have listed. If there is an artist or organization that should be added to this list, please email ghunka@edmontonarts.ca.

You can also follow the conversation on the EAC's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.



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