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2013 Arts Summit

On April 24 and 25, 2013, the Edmonton Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council hosted 42 artists, arts administrators, cultural policy and cultural planning academics, arts funders and arts advocates in Edmonton for two days of meetings to discuss a question: How do we speak for the arts in Canada today?

Over the course of the two days, each participant shared prepared remarks on one of four topics:
1. What roles have the arts and artists played in Canada and what roles should they play? (What's next?)
2. Who has a relevant voice for the arts and why? (What's next?)
3. What must we preserve and what must change in order to give voice to the arts going forward?
4. What's next?


1.    Develop a national arts advocacy network.
2.    Develop a national arts research strategy.
3.    Create a working committee to start the process of developing the Edmonton “manifesto” and to take a first cut at: goals, strategies, messaging to which the rest of the group can respond.
4.    To keep the conversation going in a way that celebrates the spirit of Edmonton 2013 – fun, inclusive, generous. This will mean meeting again – on-line or in person.


Kevin Allen, Executive Director, Alberta Media Arts Alliance, Calgary
Nova Bhattacharya, Dancer, Toronto
Elena Bird, Senior Policy Advisor, City of Toronto, Toronto
Heather Cant, Producer/director/performer, Western Canada Theatre, Kamloops
Katherine Carleton, Executive Director, Orchestras Canada, Toronto
Éric Dubeau, Directeur général, Fédération culturelle Canadienne-française, Montréal
Christine Frederick, Co-Director, Alberta Aboriginal Arts, Edmonton
Marnie Gladwell, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Arts Alliance, Saskatoon
Rob Gloor, Executive Director, Alliance for Arts and Culture, Vancouver
Kelly Hill, Research Consultant, Hill Strategies, Ottawa
Claire Hopkinson, Director and CEO, Toronto Arts Council, Toronto
Anne-Marie Jean, Directrice générale, Culture Montréal, Montréal
Che Khotari, Executive Director, Manifesto Community Projects, Toronto
Véronique Lamarre-Tremblay, Coordonnatrice aux projets et à la vie associative, Coop les ViVaces, Montréal
Louise Lemieux, President, Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick , Moncton
Shannon Litzenberger, Dancer, Consultant, Independent, Toronto
Chris Lorway, Executive Director, Soundstreams Canada, Toronto
John Mahon, Executive Director (outgoing), Edmonton Arts Council, Edmonton
Tom McFall, Executive Director, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton
Micheline McKay, Consultant, Micheline McKay & Associates, Toronto
Paul Moulton, Executive Director (incoming), Edmonton Arts Council, Edmonton
Aaron Paquette, Visual Artist, , Edmonton
Alain Pineau, Freelance, , Ottawa
Mathieu Riendeau, Coordonnateur au développement et au financement, Coop les ViVaces, Montréal
Terry Rock, President and CEO, Calgary Arts Development, Calgary
Denise Roy, Dean, Centre for the Arts & Communication, MacEwan University, Edmonton
Shahin Sayadi, Artistic Director, One Light Theatre, Halifax
Kathleen Sharpe, Executive Director, Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, Ottawa
Robert Sirman, Director and CEO, Canada Council for the Arts, Ottawa
Thomas Sparling, Executive Director, ACI Manitoba, Winnipeg
Jini Stolk, Fellow, Creative Trust, Toronto
Burke Taylor, Co-director, UBC Centre for Cultural Planning & Development, Vancouver
Karen Tisch, President, Toronto Arts Council, Toronto
Alison Turner, Assistant ED, External, Edmonton Arts Council, Edmonton
Kelly Wilhelm, Head, Policy, Planning & Partnership Section, Canada Council for the Arts, Ottawa
Bob Wiseman, Musician, Producer, Filmmaker, , Toronto
Susan Wright, Director of Operations, Toronto Arts Council, Toronto
Max Wyman, Writer and arts policy consultant, Independent, Vancouver
Joyce Zemans, Senior Scholar and Professor, York University, Schulich School of Business, MBA Program in Arts and Media Administration, Toronto
Jacob Zimmer, Theatre Director, Small Wooden Shoe, Toronto

For more information, please contact Paul Moulton, executive director, Edmonton Arts Council at pmoulton@edmontonarts.ca.


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