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Alberta Old Buildings With AR Experience Art Exhibition

@ Kaasa Lobby Gallery

Aug 14 - Dec 7 2023

Discover Aeris Osborne’s Alberta Old Buildings 20 artworks with AR experience exhibition which combined Arts, heritages, and technology.

This painting series was created during her 2022 Alberta Artist In Residence with support from the Government Of Alberta, promoting rich Alberta history and various historical architectural styles to the public. Increasing awareness of the value of preserving historical buildings to continue Alberta’s legacy, but also strengthening the belongingness relationship between individuals and the province of Alberta.

Famous Alberta Old Buildings include Banff Springs Hotel, Lougheed House Mansion, Alberta Government House, Jasper Information Centre, Lake Agnes Tea Houses, other museums, a railway station other heritage sites across Alberta. They all were built between 1888 to 1921.

In 2023, Aeris accommodated a technology Augmented Reality (AR) into her Alberta Old Building paintings, unveiling creative process video & research photos by Artivive App.

More information: https://​aerisos​borne​.com/​alber…