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Free Literary Workshop

Jube School: D&D Character and Story Creation with Mason Repka

4:00 pm

Jul 31 - Aug 28 2024

Are you interested in table-top gaming? Want to try D&D but don’t know where to start? In this workshop we’ll go over some of the basics for getting into table-top RPGs, telling great stories together with our friends, building wondrous worlds and compelling characters, finding a group to play with, messing with mechanics, running game scenarios, and more!

Mason Repka (he/​they) is a storyteller and a professional game master, leading workshops, and events for both kids and adults to learn about the wonders of table-top and live-action role-playing games, as well as world-building, character writing, and collaborative storytelling. Mason works as a communications manager, camp supervisor, and instructor at YouthWrite Society Canada, a non-profit that runs camps for kids who love to write. Mason is also the founder and co-owner/operator of Dark Ascension LARP, a medieval low-fantasy live-action roleplaying experience for adults in Alberta.

Jube School is a visual, technical, and performing arts program hosted by the Jubilee Auditoria in both Edmonton and Calgary. Through workshops offered by a varied range of specialists, Jube School provides authentic educational art experiences to students across Alberta.


July 31 from 45 PM Virtual (Zoom) through EPL. Register here (starting July 17).

August 14 from 45PM at Castle Downs Library

August 28 from 45PM at Clareview Library