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Free Dance Workshop

Jube School: K-Pop Dance Choreography with Jesie Laguitao

4:30 pm

Jul 24 - Aug 21 2024

Growing in popularity over the years, K‑Pop stands for Korean Pop” and involves following energetic choreography. The goal of this workshop is for everyone to have fun, no matter what experience they have, and to make new friends in the process!

Jesie is a K‑Pop dancer who dances with the Edmonton dance group Mimyu. His group members are passionate about dancing to K‑Pop music and creating dance cover videos that they post on social media. Jesie has been dancing to K‑Pop since 2016 and participated in many K‑Pop competitions. He has also performed K‑Pop at Animethon, Heritage Days, and various dance showcases here in Edmonton. Jesie graduated in Early Child Care at MacEwan and is currently a full time preschool teacher at the Orange Hub

Jube School is a visual, technical, and performing arts program hosted by the Jubilee Auditoria in both Edmonton and Calgary. Through workshops offered by a varied range of specialists, Jube School provides authentic educational art experiences to students across Alberta.


July 24 from 4:305:30PM at Clareview Library

August 21 from 4:305:30PM at Mill Woods Library

More information: https://​epl​.bib​lio​com​mons​.com/…