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2022 Annual Report

The photo looks into the distance of a bridge. On the underhang of the bridge, many paintings can be seen, including a school of fish, canoes, a large sturgeon and many arrowheads
Tawatina Bridge by David Garneau, photo by Cole Crane

2021 Annual Report

A white man sits in the centre of the image and leans toward the camera. He has a rocker/Elvis style hairdo, is wearing a cloth mask and holds a drink. Behind him are other partygoers in dresses and suits, all in masks and holding drinks.
A Christmas Carol by the Citadel Theatre, photo by Raoul Bhatt

2020 Annual Report

Close-up of a spiraling monumental arch of varying shades of orange structural aluminum shingles
Agent Crystalline by Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY, photo by Doyle C. Marko

2019 Annual Report

Colourful shapes in bold turquoise, pink and yellow sit in the hillside. iskotew is a sculptural representation of the word “fire” in nehiyawewin (Cree language) syllabics: ᐃᐢᑯᑌᐤ.
Iskotew by Amy Malbeuf, photo Brad Crowfoot

2018 Annual Report

A woman whose back is facing towards the viewer is surrounded by a cloud of purple movement, she reaches upwards
Minosis Gathers Hope

2017 Annual Report

The photo is taken from one or two stories above a large mosaic artwork that is embedded in a cement floor. The mosaic is colourful and swirls with blues, greens, yellows, reds and whites. Two small figures walk towards it.
Tsa Tsa Ke K'e/Iron Foot Place by Alex Janvier, photo by Laughing Dog Photography

2016 Annual Report

The interior of City Hall is lit up in purple, in the middle of the room is a pile of sand that has circular shapes projected on it, a dark crowd surrounds the sand on all sides.
Nuit Blanche artwork by Gary James Joynes, photo submitted by Nuit Blanche

2015 Annual Report