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research & impact

Fostering a culture of evidence-informed decision-making and demonstrating short and long-term change in Edmonton’s arts ecology with our research and data, annual reports, and delivery of Connections & Exchanges.

The photo looks into the distance of a bridge. On the underhang of the bridge, many paintings can be seen, including a school of fish, canoes, a large sturgeon and many arrowheads
Tawatina Bridge by David Garneau, photo by Cole Crane

Annual Reports

Read the EAC’s annual reports about the organization’s work, activities, highlights and accomplishments each year. 

A black woman speaks at a podium, she wears a nametag and a blue sweater and has short cropped hair. Behind her is a banner for the Connections & Exchanges plan.
Board Chair Pat Darbasie, photo by Girl Named Shirl Photography

Connections & Exchanges: 2019-2029

Connections & Exchanges: A 10-Year Plan To Transform Arts and Heritage In Edmonton is the City of Edmonton’s award-winning 10-year arts and heritage plan.

A map divides Edmonton into its wards, with each ward in a different colour, many pins are on the map and indicate EAC activity, the pins are most densely concentrated in the core
Edmonton Arts Council Ecology Map

EAC ecology map

Explore an interactive map featuring EAC events, programming and public art across Edmonton.

The focal point of the image is a very large T-rex dinosaur made out of red and purple balloons. It is larger than the humans who stand before it, a woman in a toque to the left and a woman in plaid holding a baby to the right.
Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival, photo by EAC

2022 Survey Project - Organizations Survey

Read the results of the EAC’s 2022 survey for organizations.

A black woman is the focal point, sitting on a stool on stage and reciting a poem in a fluffy white dress surrounded by fluffy white clouds and lanterns. A large audience can be seen sitting in the dark in front of her.
Titilope Sonuga, photo by Fifographer

2022 Survey Project - Artist Survey

Read the results of the EAC’s 2022 survey for artists.

2022 Survey Project - Public Survey

Read the results of the EAC’s 2022 survey for the general public. 

State of Dance 2023

This summary report emerges from work that the Edmonton Arts Council has done to engage with the dance community over the past year.