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Building Experiences in the New Economy

For two years, Research Consultants Stone-Olafson have been working with agencies across Alberta to track the public’s evolving attitudes and opinions related to the pandemic and cultural/​recreational activities. Their findings, shared with our community, have helped us all plan effectively and prepare for how our patrons may feel today, and are likely to feel tomorrow. Join us for a discussion of their May 2022 findings.

A PDF of the final report is available here.

We need to talk about Crypto: NFTs & the Future of Literature in Canada

Recently the first ever novel sold as an NFT (Non Fungible Token) was made by former Edmontonian author Todd Babiak to Edmonton businessman Chris LaBossiere, and then donated to the Edmonton Public Library. This ignited a fierce debate over the environmental impact of NFTs and the carbon footprint of the publishing industry. So what do people in the literary community need to know about Crypto and NFTs and what exactly does the technological future of publishing in Canada look like?

Another's Perspective: Writing what you don't Know

Writing from outside our own personal experience is something that most writers are going to tackle at some point in their careers. How do writers create authentic characters from different cultural backgrounds without delving into dangerous stereotypes?

Insurance for Arts Organizations

A user’s guide to the different forms of insurance, what they do, and what questions to ask as you shop. Join Bradley Moss from Theatre Network, with stories of how insurance policies and claims unfold, and with Haily Taskey, Senior Advisor at Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Live by the Word: Titilope Sonuga on the Business of Poetry

Titilope Sonuga is a poet, playwright and performer, the author of three collections of poetry and two spoken word albums, and Edmonton’s new Poet Laureate. Join Ms. Sonuga for a frank discussion of the difficult but essential work of getting paid for your poetry. Presented by the Edmonton Arts Council and the Writers’ Guild of Alberta.

Art by the Numbers: Creating a Project Budget

A project budget shows the world how you plan to use one of your finite resources — money. Veteran arts manager Karen Brown Fournell walks you through how to create a budget that’s in line with your priorities, and put everything into a form that will work for the reader — whether that reader is a funder, an investor or a fellow artist.