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Access Support

Those facing barriers to completing an application may be eligible for Access Support. A barrier can include, but is not limited to, language, culture, physical or cognitive limitations, or any inequity that may complicate completing an application. This support provides funding for specialized assistance in conveying the artists’ ideas. This could include hiring a typist, interpreter, translator, or other type of support worker to help with submitting a clear application that accurately reflects the artist’s ideas and intentions. Normally, professional grant writers are not supported by this program unless they are assisting the artist with a specific barrier. Eligible assistance will be supported up to $500

For more information, contact grants@​edmontonarts.​ca or call 7804242787.

A realistic statue of a magpie sits on top of a white skeleton of a globe. The photo looks up towards the artwork and the sky.
The Magpies' Nests by Kevin Sehn & Chai Duncan, photo by Doyle C. Marko Photography