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Deadline: Reopening in 2024

Through the Invent & Adapt program, the EAC invests in organizations that are preparing, planning, and implementing work that is centered on reimagining and retooling an organization’s future, and/​or addressing the needs of Edmonton’s various arts network and disciplinary capacities. This may take the form of technical assistance and planning, the re-imagining of systems, programs, and practices, the implementation of well-planned strategies around growth or contraction, the management of transitions and successions, or to respectfully bring an organization to a close.


Eligible applicants must (all apply):

• be a non-profit organization with a primary arts or festival mandate or have an existing support or investment relationship in good standing with the EAC
• have an up-to-date profile in the EAC’s Online Portal
• not be in arrears with the City of Edmonton (as per City Policy C211)

Eligible initiatives must be:

• relevant to the applicant organization’s mandates, goals and aspirations, or;
• relevant to addressing the needs of Edmonton’s various arts networks and disciplinary capacities,
• based on thoughtful and considered changes including (but not limited to):
 — development of new plans, strategies, or processes
 — implementation of new technology
 — managing transitions and successions
 — developing and structuring partnerships
 — organizational closure
• time specific, with a defined start and end date.

Projects involving more than one eligible applicant, or on behalf of a network:

• may be submitted by one applicant on behalf of a group


• may be submitted by more than one applicant with separate applications towards shared outcomes
• must include documentation and formal agreements that define the nature of collaboration and shared work

Invent & Adapt projects will not normally support:

• direct spending on capital projects and acquisitions
• activity that is otherwise part of the normal course of an organization’s work
• activity that is already supported by the City of Edmonton through other sources

Level of support

Organizations may request up to $30,000, no more than once annually.

Extended projects may be supported by multiple Invent & Adapt investments in subsequent years.

The EAC may also contribute in-kind to Invent & Adapt projects via staff expertise or services.

How to apply

Please note that Invent & Adapt has reached capacity for 2023. Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss their 2024 Invent & Adapt projects with Edmonton Arts Council staff. The goal of those discussions will be to understand and guide a potential formal application in 2024. For more infor­ma­tion, con­tact grants@​edmontonarts.​ca or call 7804242787.

Applicant organizations will provide brief responses to questions in the EAC’s Online Portal: eac​.smart​sim​ple​.ca. Accommodations will be provided if there are barriers to access.

The organization’s profile in the EAC’s Online Portal must be up-to-date, and that information will be relevant to the assessment of potential projects.

The specific information requested includes:

• a description of the change being pursued
• a program of work, activities, and progress measures
• information about the people involved in preparing, planning, or implementing the proposed work
• a budget, with notes if needed
• timeline and execution plan

If more information is required, the EAC will make targeted requests for more detail from applicants. That detail will be provided via revision of the existing application, with separate questions in the online portal.

Assessment and decision making

The assessment will be guided by the four principles that underpin the Connections & Exchanges plan:

• Inclusivity that reflects the diverse values of the communities in Edmonton;
• Leadership, excellence and innovation in the arts and heritage communities;
• A collective civic responsibility for arts and heritage; and
• Strengthened economic security for arts and heritage.

The nature of Invent & Adapt is that each project will be specific to the applicant and the situation. The ongoing nature of the intake means that the process will have a degree of flexibility to provide for specific assessment needs.

Connections & Exchanges guides the EAC’s commitment to supporting Indigenous artists and artists from equity-seeking groups. This commitment will inform the assessment, decision, and approval processes.

Proposed work will be reviewed by EAC staff, guided by all the text in these guidelines. This review may come in stages, before, during and after the official submission of an application. The purpose of this review is to assist applicants in developing viable projects.

Assessment of complete projects will be responsive to the nature of the project. That process may include other stakeholders and funders, EAC board and leadership, peer advisors, or any other sources of skills and knowledge required to provide a thorough assessment of the goals of the project, its intended outcomes, its risks, and viability.

When appropriate that assessment may include an engagement with the applicant, such as a discussion forum.

Investment decisions will be primarily informed by the assessment, via the EAC Board and its various committees.

Outcomes approved by the EAC Board are final.

Implementation and reporting

The nature of these projects means that the EAC may take an active role in staying connected to the implementation of the project.

All successful recipients will be required to provide adequate reporting, commensurate with the size and scope of the project.

Need help with your application?

For assistance or questions about EAC grants, please contact grants@​edmontonarts.​ca or call (780) 4242787.