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Green Shack Shows

Green shack shows

The EAC is partnering with the City of Edmonton Green Shacks to present "Green Shack Shows" throughout July and August. Concerts and performances will run five days a week at Green Shacks across the city with one performance in the morning and another in the afternoon.
Green Shack Shows schedule:
July 4 - 8: Sangea Academy
 11:30 AM Show Location
 2:30 PM Show Location
July 4
 Eaux Claires, 16003 95 St  Belle Rive, Poplar Park 16410 892 St
July 5
 Hudson, 3103 48 St
 Cumberland, 14804 - 129 St
July 6
 Laurel, 3304 21 Ave
 Silverberry, 485 Silverberry Road
July 7
 Hodgson, 503 Hodgson Road
 Leger, 750 Leger Way
July 8
 Bannerman, 14034 23 St
 Fraser, 14720 21 St
July 11 - 15: Kaybridge Puppets
 11:30 AM Show Location
 2:30 PM Show Location
July 11
 David Thomas King School, 22707 97 Ave The Hamptons, 355 Hemingway Road
July 12
 Weinlos, 13625 Cumberland Road
 Bisset, 3202 37 St
July 13
 Aspen Gardens, 12015 39A Ave Malmo Plains, 11525 48 Ave
July 14
 Brintnell, 210 Brintnell Boulevard
 Miller, 14903 50 St
July 15
 Grovenor, 14325 104 Ave
 McQueen, 10825 McQueen Road

July 18, 20-21: Duffy's Puppets

 11:30 AM Show Location
 2:30 PM Show Location
July 18
 Gold Bar, 4620 105 Ave
 Capilano, 10810 54 St
July 20
 Beverly Heights, Folden Park, 4209 111Ave Newton, 5510 121 Ave
July 21
 Carlton, 13815 160 Ave
 Oxford, 13104 155 Ave

July 19 & 22: Kompany Family Theatre

 11:30 AM Show Location
 2:30 PM Show Location
July 19
 Barander Gardens, 14815 56 Ave
 Ramsey Heights, James Ramsey Park, 15010 43 Ave
July 22
 Greenview, 5804 38 Ave
 Hillview, 355 Woodvale Road East


Live at Lunch

Live at Lunch brings in fantastic musicians to brighten your work day. Join us on the Square every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm for free lunchtime entertainment!
Live at Lunch schedule:

June 23: Summer Solstice Music Festival featuring Kenari Quartet
June 28: Zach Willier
June 30: Jim Findley Trio 
   Live at Lunch 


CypherWild is back Thursday nights from 6:00 - 9:00 pm with live street art, breakdancing and mc battles for all ages. You can check out the CypherWild Facebook page for more information.  


Downtown Edmonton continues to transform, building a better and more family-friendly gathering place for citizens and visitors. Sir Winston Churchill Square and the Civic Precinct will be impacted by Valley Line LRT construction. Access to businesses on the Square will be maintained during construction. For your safety, please obey posted signs.

For up-to-date information on the Valley Line LRT project progress and impacts, please visit www.transedlrt.ca

Sir Winston Churchill Square is easily accessible by bus and LRT. Visit www.takeETS.com for route and schedule information.

EAC Community Programming Specialist, Bob Rasko: brasko@edmontonarts.ca, 780-508-8333

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