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A Pattern Language

Karen Ho Fatt Lee // 2020

Grey Nuns LRT Stop

A Pattern Language by Karen Ho Fatt Lee

Reflecting the diversity of the Mill Woods community surrounding the Grey Nuns Hospital, Karen Ho Fatt Lee has created a band of motifs inspired by cultural textiles and patterns. The artwork draws on the language of clothing and traditional arts with the actual imagery derived from a community workshop and online submissions.

The final design of A Pattern Language includes 22 traditional folk and tribal motifs with cultural significance to ethnic groups from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The aligned motifs resemble a cloth border and are harmoniously arranged across a 53-foot-long aluminum structure. The repetition of various geometric and curvilinear motifs reflects the balance and diversity in the community. 

The artist hopes this piece will inspire passengers and local communities alike. The airy artwork raised on the canopy will uplift those taking the train and turn an everyday activity into a joyful experience.

You can read more about A Pattern Language on the EAC blog

Grey Nuns LRT Stop