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Mural Local artist

Exotic Species

Marc Siegner // 2015

Victoria Park Pavilion

Photo by Doyle C. Marko

This bas relief mural celebrates a beloved winter tradition – ice skating. The imagery suggests a pond where ice skates have come to race each other. Inspired by period skates as well as historical artistic imagery, the artist employs bright hues and detailing to instill as sense of motion with this playful triptych. Observing speed skaters in action reminded artist Marc Siegner of large birds such as owls, eagles, geese, and falcons. Their large wings and grace inspired the feathers and scales that adorn the skates. The result is a recognizable but fantastical artwork that the artist hopes will inspire the many people who use the Victoria Park Pavilion.

Victoria Park Pavilion
Victoria Park Pavilion 12030 River Valley Rd NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 2M6