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Glass Art

Four Seasons in Silver Heights Peony Garden

Oksana Movchan // 2020

Digitial transfer on tempered laminated glass |Watercolour on paper
Bonnie Doon LRT Stop

Four Seasons in Silver Heights Peony Garden by Oksana Movchan. Photo by Jody Bailey

Four Seasons in Silver Heights Peony Garden takes its inspiration from the local history of the Bonnie Doon Silver Heights Peony Garden. Established in the early 1900s, the Silver Heights Peony Garden was created and operated by prominent Edmonton physician James Frederic Brander and his father George. The garden supported over 200 varieties of peonies, despite the belief that our climate is too cold for such a beautiful delicacy.

Each glass shelter represents one of the four seasons and illustrates a transformation of a peony garden throughout the year. With this piece, the artist pays homage to the strength of the human spirit, which despite often difficult circumstances, can rise and grow real beauty. 

Text is an integral element of the overarching conceptual theme and involved the direct engagement of the local community. Participation in this part of the project engaged students from Rutherford Elementary School to express their thoughts and feelings about the Bonnie Doon area.

You can read more about Four Seasons in Silver Heights Peony Garden on the EAC blog

Bonnie Doon LRT Stop

valley line - mill woods to bonnie doon