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Glass Art

Of Birds and Such

Public Studio // 2020

UV Resistant Film on Tempered Glass
Strathearn Stop

Photo by Jody Bailey

Of Birds and Such marries the past with the present by looking at habitats that formerly surrounded these current bus shelters. The many species depicted here are from the local landscape, some of which are endangered. These contemporary dioramas remind us of the dioramas of flora and fauna that were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that originated with the birth of conservation movements who were disturbed by the increasing loss of nature. Today we face an even greater crisis with the disappearance of over seventy percent of our species. Public Studio created these tableaux to both share our concern for the current state of the planet due to humanity’s impact on nature and offer a moment of reflection on the beauty of the natural world that was once here and that can still be found if we work to preserve it. 

These dioramas were made together with many members of the Strathearn and Edmonton community including several wildlife photographers and landscape backdrops by painter Igor Woroniuk, and with research and information support provided by the Edmonton Area Land Trust (EALT).

With thanks to collaborators: landscape painter, Igor Woroniuk. Wildlife photographers: Gerald Romanchuk, Dwayne Martineau, Don Delaney, Betty Fisher, Janis Hurlburt, Doris May, Nick Parayko, Alex Nagy. Studio Assistants: Kyle O’Brien, Miles Rufelds, Josh Schonblum. We are so grateful for their talent and contributions.

You can read more about Of Birds and Such on the EAC blog

Strathearn Stop

valley line - holyrood to 102 st