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Mosaic Art Park Indigenous artist

Ripples on a Pond

William Frymire // 2017

glass tile mosaic
Borden Park Natural Swim Experience

Photo by Aspen Zettel

In keeping with the natural water theme of Borden Park Natural Swim Experience, William Frymire has proposed a large mosaic that echoes the environment and picks up on the circular cues inherent in new facility’s design.

The colourful modern mosaic resembles a small pond and features three native Albertan aquatic species in the Western Painted Turtle, the Leopard Frog and the Dragonfly. This postmodernist style embraces the past but is a contemporary take on mosaic using Frymire’s self-developed method, which incorporates computer technology and variable size tiles to achieve a realistic and unique look that will create a lasting impression. 

Through my choice of modern imagery and durable materials I will call attention to the health of our wetlands and the creatures that inhabit it. My innovative mosaic style and the ideas surrounding post World War II modernism will work in synergy with the architectural elements of the site. To juxtapose the modernism of the architecture while echoing the curves of the site with the circular ripple pattern I am incorporating images of animal species native to the province. The Western Painted turtle is an endangered species and is the only resident native freshwater turtle of Alberta. The Northern Leopard Frog’s numbers are dwindling and the dragonflies are a key sign of pond health. All are interdependent species susceptible to human modification of our natural environment. Calling attention to them through the mosaic is educational and the illusion of a shallow pond conveys the message in a playful and fun manner while underlining the natural filtration of the pool’s ecosystem”.

Borden Park Natural Swim Experience

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