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The Dove of Peace

Edward J. Williams

Painted Steel
Gallagher Park

The Dove of Peace during Pope John Paul II's address in 1984. Photo by Eddie Williams.

The Dove of Peace, designed by Edward J. Williams, was originally created to stand over the altar where Pope John Paul II would deliver an address during his greatly anticipated visit to Edmonton in 1984. The Edmonton Catholic School District would later form a Dove of Peace Committee to acquire the iconic steel sculpture, in the hope of providing it a permanent home and forever commemorating the historic visit. To relocate the structure from the farm north of Edmonton where the event occurred, funds were raised through corporate and private donations, and in 1988, the five-ton dove was re-erected in Gallagher Park over a time capsule to be opened in 2088, on the 200th anniversary of the Edmonton Catholic School District.

Today the dramatic sculpture, which boasts a commanding wingspan of 17 metres, serves not only as a symbol of world peace, but also as a welcome to all who visit Gallagher Park.

Gallagher Park
Central Core
Edmonton, Alberta