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Sculpture Indigenous artist


Lloyd Pinay // 1994

Dr. Anne Anderson Park

This sculpture honours the life and work of celebrated local Métis author and teacher Dr. Anne Anderson. After undergoing a career transition for health reasons, Anderson emerged as a prolific writer/​researcher, authoring nearly 100 works on Métis history and the Cree language. Many credit her with significantly increasing access to the language, with some citing family lore that Anderson’s mother’s dying wish was that she never forget Cree. The buffalo was an important symbol of survival to Anderson, and so community members worked to realize her desire for a buffalo sculpture in this park that bears her name, then gifted this artwork to the civic collection.

For many years, a Buffalo Prayer was also placed in this park, and that text is included here:

Oh great Creator
You guided our forefathers to the path of the buffalo,
They drank the cool spring water amid the glow of ripened
Continue to remind our brothers and sisters to remain proud
of their heritage and preserve their beliefs
so they will ensure that their children and their children’s
children of the future generations will respect and
The future will then be filled with happiness,
like the birds that sing and the Eagle that soars high
above its nest.
Give us strength and wisdom to respect all our relations.
Dear Creator
and thank-you from our hearts.

Dr. Anne Anderson Park
Britannia Youngstown, Jasper Place
Edmonton, Alberta