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Grants for Individuals & Collectives: Stream 2 Winter 2024

June 13, 2024

Stephanie Gruson performing in the "Great Great Spiegeltent Spectacular," summer 2023. Photo credit: Liz Nicholls,

With funding from Stream 2 of the Individuals & Collectives program, artists and arts professionals may receive support to receive mentorship, attend a residency, or other forms of professional development. Projects may be individual or collective, and grants are available up to $10,000 based on projected expenses, including artist subsistence. It is not necessary for an application to Stream 2 to be connected to a specific work, but receiving mentorship, attending a residency or professional development may be directed towards potential future work.

Thirteen (13) artists are recommended for the Winter 2024 Individuals & Collectives Stream 2 grant, for a total of $102,478.

Alma Louise Visscher is participating in the International Studio and Curatorial Program Residency; the program aims to connect international artists with the New York artistic community. 

Britney Huynh will participate in the National Youth Choir of Canada. One of Canada’s finest choirs, it brings together some of the best emerging choral singers from across the country. 

Cheryl Wang will study with a professional teacher and artist in China and delve deep into the intricacies of advanced Chinese traditional storytelling drumsong techniques. 

Edmon Rotea studied for the Osgoode Certificate in Entertainment Law in Toronto. Through the week-long course, he learned about legal and entertainment business affairs. 

Elisabeth Belliveau will create a series of sculptural mobiles and develop a children’s workshop this fall at the Arts Itoya residency program in Takeo City, Japan.

Karen Richards will travel to Ghana for a three-week residency with a master drummer/​dancer and storytelling expert. The residency will include venturing to multiple communities to enhance, showcase, and document her learning. 

Maria Wozniak will attend the Lottozero Fashion and Textile Artist Residency in Prato, Italy. Over the two-week residency she’ll explore the city’s textile district and focus on her creative development. 

Selene Huff will learn about glass blowing and steel casting at the SAW Studio Artists Residency to incorporate these techniques into her sculptural and teaching practices. 

Stephanie Gruson will receive formal training on the Sway Pole with distinguished coach, Hugo Noël, to create a unique duo act.

Stuart Beatch will attend the GALA Festival this summer, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ choral event, to hear his music performed and network with other queer choral professionals. 

Tamarra Canu will expand her professional experience through a mentorship with Director of Photography, Kristin Fieldhouse. 

Tia Ashley Kushniruk 女弟 will work on the development and formation of a new performance ensemble that will meet for the first time at Mile Zero’s Zero Lab Residency in Spring 2025

Zana Wensel will further explore and develop her eco-installation project Thank You For Being Here, at the Similkameen Artist Residency in BC in late spring 2024

Learn more about the recipients of the winter 2024 Individual & Collectives program, read about the recipients of Stream 1 funding here and Stream 3 funding here.