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Grants for Individuals & Collectives: Stream 3 Winter 2024

June 13, 2024

"The Gun Sculpture, 2000" Artists: Sandra Bromley, Wallis Kendal. Materials: Found objects, steel, concrete, photography, projected imagery, lexan. Photo credit: Sandra Bromley, Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria, 2010.

Stream 3 of the Individuals & Collectives program supports artistic projects ready for implementation. This can include production and/​or presentation, creation directly for production and/​or presentation, subsistence for individual or collective creation, and may include travel and/​or mentorship when the primary focus of the project is production and/​or presentation. Artists may request up to $25,000 based on the anticipated costs of the project, including artist subsistence.

Fifty-two (52) artists are recommended for the Winter 2024 Individuals & Collectives Stream 3 grant, for a total of $1,076,683.

AJ Hrooshkin’s new play Alphabet Line will be presented by Fringe Theatre as part of their 2024/25 season. 

alexander shay will prepare for publication, YEGWrites, Vol. 2: Lenses. The all-local, experimental format anthology is about how we view things, and how different contexts and elements can change how we view those same things. 

Alicia Lov is releasing a seven-song concept EP describing her emotional journey through adolescence and early adulthood. 

Allison Ochoa is establishing the inaugural Jasper Place Arts Festival; an annual community-based arts event that will animate public spaces through community engagement with the arts, co-created in collaboration with local artists and community members. 

Amanda Goldberg will create and workshop an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice; to uplift Jewish Canadian voices and gather with our peers to address institutionalized antisemitism. 

Amit Vaghela will organize and produce One For The City Volume 4, a weekend-long street dance event in Edmonton. 

Angie is producing the new play she/​he/​they wrote, The Picture of Elias Graham at the 2024 Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. 

Anna Marie Sewell will complete her third novel in the Amiskwaciy Series, following the adventures of unlicensed investigator Hazel Lesage and her shapeshifting circle of family and friends. 

ASKO (Marek Tyler) will market and promote the roll out of his brand new album in 2024

Blair Wilkie along with his fellow Brasstactics bandmates will complete the final production of their new record Tribute to the Groove and release the album with a show and party. 

Braxton Garneau will produce and present a solo exhibition for Efraín López, a contemporary art gallery in New York, NY

Busyrawk will create the second mural in his ongoing mural series, 4 Guardian Beasts of Chinatown with Azure Dragon of the East on the Mah Society’s east exterior wall. 

Cab’Ral will launch a six song EP and embark on a western tour opening for the Canadian icon, Shawn Desman. 

Caylie G will release her five song EP, the trials and tribulations of a twenty-two year old teenager, that speaks to the multiplicity of human emotion, connection, and queer identity. 

Cikwes will release Nehiyaw Iskô Sings the Blues, a Cree language album for the revitalization of Nehiyawewin (Cree language) dedicated to Iskowak (Cree woman). 

Conor McNally will finalize the production of nanekawasis, a feature-length documentary about the acclaimed nêhiyaw artist, George Littlechild as he invites audiences into his storied 40 plus year long career. 

Cory Johnn will complete the construction of a 1:24 scale miniature city-block building comprised of various materials, including 3D printed objects, that will be displayed in an immersive exhibit. 

Courtney Loberg will write the script for Double Rose, a graphic novel about a queer, depressed office worker who finds love in a hidden world; based on the Scottish ballad by Tam Lin. 

Cynthia Hamar will record The Wind The Wood, her next collection of songs that ground and encourage growth, hope and inner strength.

Danielle LaRose will consult and engage with Elders and Knowledge Keepers to further develop her play, The Poisoner’s Daughter, which is being workshopped through Catalyst Theatre’s Confluence Fellowship.

Darla Daniels will record 1992, a six-track alt-country/folk EP consisting of five vocal songs and one traditional Métis fiddle song. 

David Jay, The Spaniard will record Fire Dance, his first full-length album. 

Dwayne Martineau will create a tour-ready solo exhibit Stranger Cities and pursue exhibition bookings across Canada. 

Elisa Marina Mair Sánchez will produce and expand on her multi-disciplinary play El Funeral for a presentation in partnership with Common Ground Arts Society in November 2024

Erina Harris will create a manuscript of essays and poems exploring contemporary political issues by engaging her significant research on historic dolls of Turtle Island. 

Garfield Morgan will use second-hand clothing and discarded materials to create 2D and 3D art, and installations to interrogate over-consumption in the global north and its impact on human relationships and the environment. 

Gord Cummings will create artwork and produce the third issue in his graphic novel series Self Worth: The Story of Slim Evans, the telling of Arthur Evans’ becoming a major voice for Canadian workers. 

Heather Shillinglaw harvested winter tree tea from balsam, pine and spruce alongside Elders to use as inspiration in the creation of her fibre art installations for her upcoming solo exhibition at the Esplanade Art Gallery in 2026

Jeff Khounthavong will work on the production and development of a short documentary following Edmonton’s Tigers Skate Club as they navigate skateboard culture by creating safe spaces for females including members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ communities. 

J SCOPE will launch his European music tour spanning Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands and capture the journey in a 15-minute documentary. 

JShine Designs (Jessica Sanderson-Barry), a Cree Hide Tanner, will lead a five-day urban hide camp in amiskwaciwâskahikan that will follow proper protocol and guidance from Marina Nohokoo, a Denesuline Knowledge Holder and Master Hide Tanner. 

Jess Stokes will complete the production, recording, mixing and mastering of a collection of six songs, for digital release, forming her debut EP

The Joel Jeschke Quartet will record their debut album. It will include nine original compositions showcasing Joel’s voice as a composer, and drummer alongside his band. 

Jordana Hon of the five-piece band Our Good Wolf (along with bandmembers Rene Schumacher, Adam Hoang, Andrew Romero and Kevin Holowack) will work with other musicians to record, release, and perform their album exploring the tumultuous pandemic years. 

Joshua Banks will work on the recording, production, and release of his full-length, eight-tune contemporary jazz album, Burning Bridges, featuring his original works as a pianist. 

Julia van Dam with David Kennedy, and Hannah Wigglesworth will rehearse and present a site-specific production of The Maids in the basement of the historic Pendennis Building on Jasper Avenue. 

Katie Yoner along with Dayna Lea Hoffmann and Joseph McManus of Batrabbit Productions are embarking on a Canadian tour for their physical comedy show Rat Academy, with mentorship from Elena Belyea. 

Matthew Stepanic will organize the second season of VERS/E: A Queer Poetry Series. The monthly open mic series will feature the best of local and visiting queer poets, while giving emerging poets opportunities to showcase their work. 

Mila Bongco-Philipzig will publish her illustrated book juxtaposing sites in Edmonton with places all over the world that Edmontonians come from. Terms like hello’, thank you,’ family,’ and beautiful’ will be translated into various languages, including Indigenous languages. 

Moh Mahfouz and Nigel Hinds will produce It’s Not Just a Road! a short documentary on the Cree Nation’s connection and use of the land, while emphasizing the imminent road construction’s impact on traditional practices. 

Naima Abdurahman will organize a free summer concert where she will perform with Oromo artists new to Edmonton, providing a platform to professionally reconnect, practice, and build a local audience. 

Nico Arnáez will compose, rehearse, and première a musical piece for organ, percussion and electronics, using a self-developed avant-garde musical language. 

Nisha Patel will write and illustrate three children’s books that focus on telling the story of children of disabled parents, including processes of diagnoses and diabetic emergencies. 

Nuela Charles will record a full-length album consisting of ten new songs with a focus on old-school soul, pop and rock influences. 

Reckie Lloyd will lead the presentation of Sekou — The chosen one. A fusion of traditional dances, Afro beats, and modern jazz; this spectacle promises an immersive, educational and unifying experience, celebrating Africa’s opulent culture.

Robert Pohl will prepare for exhibition Apparitions, his series of black and white silver gelatin fine art photographs depicting a human presence. 

Sandra Bromley will mark the 25th anniversary of her Gun Sculpture installation (co-created with Wallis Kendal) by exhibiting and documenting it with leading edge technology before it leaves Edmonton for a permanent home. 

Sechile Sedare, a contemporary Dene duo featuring siblings Jay and Leela Gilday, will record their debut album at Edmonton’s Velveteen Audio with producer Brian Kobayakawa, and support from Treaty 6 based Indigenous musicians and artists. 

St.Arnaud will record and release a self-titled full-length album in 2025 with an accompanying marketing campaign and promotional tour. 

Tim Brown of Striker along with bandmates Daniel Cleary, Peter Klassen, Simon Fallon and Gordon Alexander will promote their new album ULTRAPOWER, with two North American tours and major festival appearances. 

Titilope Sonuga will create and produce an audio poetry workshop and meditative guide comprising 30 poems for 30 days of self discovery. 

Will Northlich-Redmond will compose, rehearse, and première an original musical work for organ and percussion featuring a major graphic score at a concert presented by the University of Alberta. 

Learn more about the recipients of the winter 2024 Individual & Collectives program, read about the recipients of Stream 1 funding here and Stream 2 funding here.