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Wagner High School Exhibition: An In-Between World

May 9, 2024

Artwork by Anlan Chen

The Edmonton Arts Council Shop & Services is excited to host the works of W. P. Wagner High School students in art, fashion, photography, pottery, interactions and STEM with their exhibition An In-Between World, on display from May 11 — 17. The exhibit explores hybridization and belonging, where Wagner students showcase mixed media work celebrating the fusion of multiple perspectives and worldviews. Through vibrant expressions, they invite reflection on the beauty found in our ever-changing world and the journey of finding belonging in diverse spaces. 

Mark your calendars: Join us for the opening reception on Saturday, May 11th at EAC Shop & Services from 2:30 – 3:30 PM to celebrate the artists’ work on display. Staff, students, invited community members and the general public will be on-site to share in the fun! While most of the works in the exhibition will not be for sale, a selection of postcards and handcrafted ceramic keychains will be available for purchase. 

In advance of the exhibition, we asked several students about their works and the impact of participating in this showcase. 

Artist spotlight: Kiara Morris

Tell us more about your garment featured in the show and how it speaks to the concept of the showcase: An In-Between World.

It is a trench coat made with Satin Jacquard fabric. I was inspired by spring colours and patterns. It is tight fitting on the top and flares down at the waist which gives it lots of movement.

Where do you draw inspiration for the clothes you design?

I draw inspiration from nature. I make certain dresses or skirts based on flowers I see. I talk with friends and family to get their opinions on different designs.

What kickstarted your love of fashion design?

This was a hard question. I have been drawing clothes since I can remember. I have always been interested in the fashion industry and certain cities that are a hub for fashion design. I have always been drawn to Paris.

What has been your favourite part of being involved in this exhibition?

I am excited to see what other people are putting on display. I am also excited to showcase my work and the fashion department.

Artist spotlight: Victoria Bug-os

Tell us more about what inspired the garment you have featured in the exhibit An In-Between World.

I was inspired to create this garment by my favourite character, Spider-Gwen. She was my inspiration because of her power and courage, and the jacket’s pink and white colour pattern resembles her classic appearance.

What are current fashion trends that you’re drawn to and why?

I am currently drawn to the style of wearing long skirts paired with stunning jewelry. They give elegance and appeal to my outfits, allowing me to express my style in a unique and fun way.

What drew you to fashion design over other artforms?

I’m drawn to fashion design because it’s a fusion of creativity and functionality, allowing me to express myself while also creating something that I can utilize

What has been your favourite part of being involved in this exhibition?

My favourite part of being involved in this exhibition has been seeing my created jacket displayed. It’s incredibly rewarding to see what I created be appreciated by others.