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Sculpture Mosaic Local artist

A Mischief of Could-be(s)

Erin Pankratz & Christian Pérès Gibaut // 2023

Ceramic Tiles|Mosaic
Churchill Square

This installation consists of five standing sculptures inspired by how children freely interpret and imagine the world through play. The tree-like quality suggests the idea of a magical forest, while the ambiguity of the gestural forms allows for other interpretations, such as tentacles, snakes, arms, etc. The openness of the design encourages active and imaginative play in a non-prescribed way and creates a stage for children and people of all ages to create a world around them. The colour palette and design are bold and contemporary, giving the artwork an urban look and making it engaging for all ages.

This child-friendly project is a collaboration between the Edmonton Arts Council, local artists, the Child Friendly Edmonton Initiative to involve children living in Edmonton in ways to use art to incorporate playful, child-friendly components within the Civic Precinct.

Two locations in the Civic Precinct will include public art pieces that encourage play. These pieces will be installed during the construction of two projects in this area.

1. East Gardens – east side of Churchill Square

2. Centennial Plaza – south of Stanley A. Milner Library

The final design for the permanent public child-friendly artwork explores the idea of connection through a set of two sculptures that evoke both nature and whimsical imagery. The sculptures complement each other and connect the two spaces. 

For more information and updates about the project in progress, please visit the City of Edmonton’s site.

Churchill Square

downtown core