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Sculpture Local artist Mosaic


Erin Pankratz & Christian Pérès Gibaut // 2024

Centennial Plaza

A colourful tile mosaic artwork in downtown Edmonton. The artwork looks like a hand pressing its fingers onto a surface, or a gorilla marching.
UGO by Erin Pankratz & Christian Pérès Gibaut, photo by David Simmonds

The sculpture presents a fantastic creature that seems to have come from a collage of children’s imaginations. This unlikely and colourful creature features five weirdly articulated legs and a strong sense of movement. The organic form is embedded with an unexpected factor that sparks curiosity in the viewer, encouraging active and imaginative play in a non-prescribed way and inviting multiple interpretations, e.g., a hand, a cave, a coral formation, etc.

The artwork is part of the Civic Precinct Public Art Project, connecting Centennial Plaza and Churchill Square’s East Gardens under a unified art concept and design. Inspired by the children’s freedom to interpret and imagine the world through play, the artwork installed in both locations honours their refreshing independence from conventions on what is possible and what is not and their powerful imagination.

This child-friendly project is a collaboration between the Edmonton Arts Council, local artists, the Child Friendly Edmonton Initiative to involve children living in Edmonton in ways to use art to incorporate playful, child-friendly components within the Civic Precinct. The final design for the permanent public child-friendly artwork explores the idea of connection through a set of two sculptures that evoke both nature and whimsical imagery. The sculptures complement each other and connect the two spaces. The installation as a whole is colourful, vibrant, joyful and has play elements to invite children to climb, balance, explore and imagine within the artwork. 

For more information and updates about the project in progress, please visit the City of Edmonton’s site.

Centennial Plaza