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龍的傳人 Descendants of the Dragon

Paul Reimer // 2020

Hand Forged Iron
Quarters LRT Stop

Photo by Jordon Hon

龍的傳人/Descendants of the Dragon is a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese calligraphy in bands of steel, hand-forged using traditional blacksmithing techniques. The folds and curves symbolize the movement of people on transit, around their community and throughout the city. The interwoven bands of steel represent people connecting and interacting with each other and with the community. 

Designed in collaboration with a local calligrapher, Stephen Tsang who specializes in the cursive Caoshu calligraphy style and is part of Edmonton’s Chinese community, the sculpture translates to, Descendants of the Dragon” and evokes the image of a dragon. 

Further reading about the artwork on the EAC blog: Tying Community and Culture to a Physical Space, August 2021.

Quarters LRT Stop
9516 102 Avenue NW, Boyle Street, Central Core
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 4A8

valley line - holyrood to 102 st