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Sculpture Art Park Indigenous artist


Amy Malbeuf // 2018

Painted Steel
INIW River Lot 11

Still by Conor McNally

iskotew is a sculptural representation of the word fire” in nehiyawewin (Cree language) syllabics: ᐃᐢᑯᑌᐤ. 

The colours chosen are based on colours that are seen in both historical and contemporary works as to illustrate the congruencies and survival within Indigenous cultures. The vibrancy of the colours are also congruent with the vibrancy of our cultures and languages. 

The nehiyawewin word for woman, iskwew, is derived from the word fire, therefore; iskotew connotes the sacred abilities of women, and the often unrecognized labours of Indigenous women who contributed to creating the place now known as Edmonton.
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INIW River Lot 11