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Land Art Art Park Local artist Indigenous artist


Tiffany Shaw-Collinge // 2018

Cedar|Corten Steel|Polished Stainless Steel|Quartzite
INIW River Lot 11

Photo by Conor McNally

This installation is inspired by the idea of pehonan” (Cree – gathering or waiting place) and the oral traditions of Indigenous people as well as the many stories told of this area. It offers a space for teaching, storytelling, or performance.

Conceptually, it references the oral roots of this place, and the ways in which stories change depending on proximity to the source. The furthest back seat (at the top) references the deep past. It’s farthest from our reach when you are at the base, but when you are sitting at the top you have the greatest field of vision with perhaps the greatest perspective. When you sit on the lowest seat you are closest to the future, but not able to see to far into the distance.”

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INIW River Lot 11